ProFile Transaction Management

32 Strategies to get Listing in progress

1 – Leverage Qualified Buyers To Attract Sellers

Send a hand-addressed and stamped letter to potential clients. Include your profile and listing for a bigger impact. 

Ex: I’m representing a serious buyer who is interested in your home I’m sure you’ve seen what’s happened with home values! My client is financially qualified and flexible on timing. If you’ve had any thoughts of selling your home this could be the best scenario. If you’re interested, perhaps I could show your home? If you’re not could you text or email me so I can inform my client? 

Respectfully,  (Your Name) 

P.S. I’ve included some client reviews on my service and my sales track record from Zillow. 

2 – Use “Slybroadcast”

Send a pre-recorded voicemail to the neighborhood. Be smart about the timing! We’ve found the best time is between 4 and 6pm. You could easily combine this tip with the first one and follow up your letter with this voicemail! 

Ex: Hi, this is  (your name) ! I sent you a note about my client who would love to buy a home in your neighborhood. If you’ve had any thoughts of selling 2023 would you call or text and let me know? My number is  (your phone #) , Thank you! 

3 – Door Knocking Hot Communities

Door knock with a twist! Place a sticky note with your business card on the door – “Please call me about your house. Thank you!”

4 – Agent To Agent Referrals

5 – Use Instagram Story Polls To Engage Potential Clients

Ask questions on the polls that get you the information and leads you want. Send personal direct messages to those who answer in line with looking to buy or sell!


Poll 1: Are you living in your dream home now? Yes | No

Poll 2: Have you had any thoughts of selling your home in the next 1-2 years? Yes | No

You would then send a DM to those who answered NO to question 1 and/or YES to question 2 

6 – Create A Seminar For Seniors Called “Big To Small House!” – Downsizing Strategies  

Here’s some info on hosting a virtual workshop!

7 – Contact Past Clients From 2-5 Years Ago 

14 year follow up after closing plan 

8 – Non-Occupied & Investors

– Focus on people who own 5-10 properties

– Create a list of up to 100 people who own properties


9 – Get A Celebrity Endorsement Or Influencer

6 degrees of separation – Who do you know? 

Use people from your town

Ex. Principal of school, town mayor, owner of local restaurant

– Shoot a short video with them

– Run FB ads with it to a landing page

– Add to your website and social channels

10 – Sign Up For Seller Attraction Sites

11 – Expired Listings 

12 – Run Radio Advertising

Look up local rates in your neighborhood market

– No less than $200 per week

– No more than $2000 per week


“Selling your home in 2023? Looking for the highest sales price & fast, efficient service? Contact AGENT/TEAM NAME  with BROKERAGE @AGENT MAIN NUMBER, That’s AGENT/TEAM NAME @AGENT MAIN NUMBER with over ( Number of reviews)  5 star reviews, sell your home with AGENT/TEAM NAME @AGENT MAIN NUMBER”

13 – Run Facebook Ads 

14 – Run YouTube Ads

Focus on people who recently searched for homes on google


“Are you looking at homes for sale in MARKET AREA?

I’m AGENT NAME with BROKERAGE, so far this year we’ve helped HOME SOLD families buy and sell real estate. If you’re looking to save time and save money, click the link below or contact Us @AGENT MAIN NUMBER.”

15 – Run TikTok Ads 

16 – Calling for your buyers 

Circle Prospecting 

17 – Giveaway Contest

18 – Professional Networking on Steroids

Join a BNI group, go to all their happy hours.


19 – Create An Expired Listing Social Proof Video

After you have called them, email them the video with your proposal

SCRIPT “Hi there! I’m (name) with (company name). Are you tired of having your home on the market day after day, week after week and it hasn’t sold? Well, if that’s how you’re feeling right about now, I’ve got something I want to show you. In any market place, who you list with matters. This home

(address of home) was on the market with another real estate broker for (number of days on market). We did an aggressive marketing of the property and sold it within (days it sold) at full price. If you want this type of results for your home, give us a call at @AGENT PHONE NUMBER.”


21 – Create A Map Of All The Agents You Work With Around The Country

22 – Email Your Entire Database TWO Different Questions

• Are you planning to sell your home in 2023?

• Have you had any thoughts of selling at these peak prices?

23 – Create A Workshop For Savvy Homeowners  

24 – Online Leads And Sellers In Disguise

25 – Do Sales Meetings At Offices 

Invite and Mentor newer agents to use you to get listings they couldn’t convert on their own with a 50/50 split.

26 – Do Facebook & Instagram Live In Front Of Sold Sign

“It’s “NAME”@”COMPANY”. I’m standing in front of Banana St. We just closed on the property sold in “X” days of listing price. How you ask? Our marketing and negotiation skills.

27 – Divorce Attorneys

To do List 

– Create a list of A&B divorce attorneys town

– Narrow to 20/50/100 (based on your timeline)

– When selling in a divorce see if you have LinkedIn connections or Facebook friends with mutual connections

– Call and introduce yourself

– Send a simple package with a cover letter

– Include map of sales, reviews, highlights, any divorce or difficult sellers

– Possibly do a show/podcast with one “mistakes to avoid”

28 – Geo Farming, New Listing Domination Campaign

We can help with all these services , design and implementation 

Mailing Campaigns

• Coming Soon

• Just Listed

• Open House Invitation

• Testimonial Card/Review on Note Card

• Just Sold

• “We Have More Qualified Buyers” (Yikes)

• Market Update

29 – Adopt Agent Databases Who Are Leaving The Business

30 – FSBO’s and Make me Moves 

31 – Mega Open House 

32 – Have sellers write a letter to their former neighbors endorsing you and your services

 Rewrite letter below and take out all personal info and replace with Agent Name, Agent Phone Number Etc.