Buyer Side

​We handle your buyer side needs from contract to close.


Those on the buyer-side have a distinct set of administrative challenges, and not much bandwidth to complete them. Focus on your business by allowing us to complete tasks such as:
  • Collecting forms including:
    • Contract with all addenda/amendments
    • Buyer Due Diligence form
    • Buyer Agreement
    • For Your Protections
    • Lead Base Paint Disclosures
    • All other brokerage required documents
  • Verifying signatures, initials, check boxes and dates are fully filled-out on all documents
  • Sending introduction email to buyers with a copy of the contract
  • Sending contract, addenda and all required documents to Lender and Title
  • Ordering PR and CC&R’s from Title Company
  • Sending introduction emails and/or phone calls to listing agent and requesting Seller Disclosures
  • Ordering home inspection and coordinating the day and time with the all parties
  • Coordinating collection of earnest money or verifying that agent has collected the earnest money receipt within four calendar days
  • Ensuring earnest money receipt was delivered to the proper location and that a copy of the file was made
  • Keeping track of contract deadlines and notifying agent of upcoming deadlines
  • Turning contract into brokerage
  • Following up on PR and CC&R’s from Title Company (please note it is the agent’s responsibility to review the title report)
  • Collect Seller Disclosures from listing agent including:
    • Seller Property Condition Disclosures
    • PR and CC&Rs
    • HOA information (if applicable)
  • Sending seller disclosures to buyer's agent for review
  • Sending seller disclosures to buyer for signatures
  • Following up on home inspection and ensuring agent and buyer have received a copy of the report to review
  • Following up with lender on the appraisal after agent approval and inspection is complete
  • Ordering home warranty and ensuring title has a copy


Before you officially close, there are still a few final administrative steps that we will take care of. These include:
  • Filling out brokerage commission sheet
  • Following up on Settlement Statement with Title Company before closing
  • Ensuring agent receives a copy of Settlement Statement to review (please note it is the agent’s responsibility to review the Settlement Statement)
  • Sending merged PDF of complete file to buyer
  • Verifying agent’s brokerage file is complete and all required documents have been fully signed and filled out
  • Coordinating closing with title, buyer’s agent and buyers
  • Sending a closing email to buyer with address and time of closing
  • Following up with Title Company to confirm funding and recording
  • Sending agent complete file