ProFile Transaction Management

Seller Side

From Listing Launch to Contract to Close, we have you covered at every step!

Listing Launch

We offer a variety of services to make sure you are completely ready to list! We have you covered all while protecting your brand with custom-branded email signatures with your logo, not ours. 

Listing Launch services include:

  • Collect listing paperwork while verifying signatures, initials, checkboxes, and dates are completed:
      • Listing agreements
      • MLS Input forms
      • Disclosures 
  • Welcome email & call to the seller
  • Order sign installation 
  • Coordinate photography 
  • Coordinate clean service 
  • Coordinate staging 
  • Setting up showing service
  • Enter listing & photos in MLS 
  • Request preliminary title work 
  • Request HOA docs
  • Submit file for brokerage compliance


You received an offer! With the excitement of getting an offer, though, comes a serious amount of contract paperwork. Not to worry – we have you covered here, too including custom-branded email signatures with your logo, not ours. Our contract-related services include:

  • Collect complete contract while verifying signatures, initials, checkboxes, and dates are completed
    • Addenda & amendments
    • Disclosures
    • Additional supplements 
  • Intro to buyer’s agent including disclosures 
  • Send the file to title 
  • Update status on MLS
  • Track deadlines & docs
    • Earnest Money Receipt
    •  Coordinate inspections  
    • Truth in housing (City /County required  inspections)
    • PR & CC&R’s
    • Surveys 
    • Collect & deliver HOA docs to buyer’s agent 
    • Coordinate appraisal 
  • Fill out the brokerage commission form
  • Request settlement Statement prior to closing for agent review


After all of your hard work, you’re finally ready to close. But guess what? That means a whole host of new administrative tasks to complete. Fortunately, we’re here to help with services like:

  • Schedule closing 
  • Coordinate final walk-thru 
  • Request lockbox pick up from buyer’s agent
  • Closing gift reminder for the agent 
  • Send closing confirmation instructions to seller 
  • Utility & Insurance reminders to seller  
  • Send the complete file to the seller
  • Verify closing 
  • Update MLS status
  • Ordering signs removal
  • Request agent review from the seller 
  • Remove property from Showing Service
  • Verify approved brokerage compliance
  • Send agent copy of the complete file

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