Lead conversion – Get to the Table with These Tips

Finding a good lead is exciting, but if there is no chance of signing a contract, all your work is for naught. During the shift for lead conversion, SHIFT Tactic #5 (Keller) focuses on the critical aspects of successful lead conversion: capture, connect, close, and cultivate.

Capture – The first step in Lead Conversion

The first step is to capture enough information so you can reach out to the prospective buyer or seller. As part of your lead generation tasks, you are meeting the needs of potential clients by providing information and services. You’ll want to ask for their contact information in a way that is natural to the conversation through registration processes, contact pages, and open houses.


Whether it is a follow-up call or email, it is essential to follow up within 24 hours of the initial contact capture for a successful lead conversion. That way, while their initial connection with you may still be fresh in their mind. This is the time to get to know the potential client, laying a foundation for a continued working relationship. Take notes and confirm through active listening that you have heard their needs, wants, wishes, and concerns. 


After connecting with the client, your goal is to close the discussion with setting an appointment, a very important part of lead conversion. Different of course, then closing a sale or offer on the house; however, just as important. A slight change in the relationship occurs here, and either a phone appointment, video conference, or in-person meeting is the best way to proceed. A meeting through writing can also work but has little conversation to build up the business relationship.


Sometimes a potential client will not want to schedule an actual appointment. It may be they are not ready or have other realtors they are thinking about, so it just happens. At the same time, it does not mean to give up on them. While working on making an appointment, your professionalism must shine through. If the prospective client is hesitant, offer to follow up in a week or two. If they make excuses or say no, be gracious, thank them for their time and ask if they would like you to follow up. If the conversation isn’t going in that direction, regularly check in with them. You’ll stay at the top of their mind, and perhaps the timing will be right to set an appointment.

If you are new to the SHIFT Tactics, be sure to read about Lead Generation, which compliments this blog. If you need help with your lead conversion, consider our services that can put your business on top.

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