Catch People in Your Web Through Internet Lead Conversion

Strategies based on available internet platforms are a crucial part of building a list of leads. Keller’s SHIFT Tactic #6 focuses on capturing the contact information of people on the web. This style of lead generation is a very cost-effective tactic. 

As recent months have proven, having a strong internet presence is critical to business when face-to-face or other in-person networking opportunities are not available. Keller’s three steps to internet lead generation include creating an active online presence, lead generating for traffic from your platform(s) and concluding with converting the leads to an appointment. 

Creating an Active Online Presence

As internet platform options continue to evolve, one basic need is a website. There are many user-friendly and affordable resources for building your site. Technical knowledge isn’t necessary, and it takes very little time to manage. The critical concept here is that your site must be modern and professional. At a minimum, the information to give your site credibility includes points of contact, a professional yet compelling domain name, and the ability to request a home valuation. Functionality should also allow visitors to conduct a property search, sign up for instant notification, review saved searches, and include community and neighborhood information and market statistics.

Beyond a website, you may consider a social platform; however, be sure to know your audience, target market, and be available daily for most of the time. With any platform, answer inquiries within a few hours as that is the expectation.

Internet Lead Generating for Traffic From Platform(s)

When your online presence is ready, you will need to incorporate your domain address into all your usual internet lead generation tasks and all existing low-tech materials. Typically, this should include letterhead, business cards, flyers, direct mail, brochures, yard signs, and email. Then focus on adding what Keller refers to as “fat bait,” or unexpected, and individual informational items that will entice visitors to provide their contact information. Some favorite options include event calendars for your service area, staging tips or an hour of consultation, first-time homebuyer’s class, or other seminars and informational meetings.

Tactic #5 Get to the Table Through internet Lead Conversion

As your site becomes actively visited, you will need to connect, close, and cultivate the lead. For those connections that can only occur through email (when you haven’t received their phone number), be sure to respond quickly or set up auto-responses if your platform allows that function. Tactic #5 is discussed further in this blog.

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