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12 Event Ideas for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, you may have heard about the 33-touch campaign plan. The 33 Touch Campaign is the systematized approach to stay in touch with your database over the course of one year, 33 times, hence the name. The concept comes from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent book written by Gary Keller from Keller Williams. The research from the book indicates that the magic number is 33, that people your database need to hear from you 33 times per year to remember you and for you to stay top of mind.

If you think that 33 times seems like a lot, don’t worry! It’s not nearly as challenging as it looks.

Here is an example 33 Touch Campaign

  • Email Marketing: Monthly Newsletter: 12 Touches
  • Monthly Market Report for Their Area: 12 Touches
  • Annual Real Estate Evaluation: 1 Touch 
  • 1 Freebie/Item of Value: 1 Touch
  • Hand Written Note/Birthday/Home Anniversary: 2 Touches
  • Call/Text/Video Email: 2 Touches
  • Event/Event Invite: 2+ Touches

So to help with this campaign we have put together 12 ideas for the One Freebie/Item of Value: 1 Touch and Event/Event Invite: 2+ Touches. 

  1. Blood Drive 
  2. Valentines Event – I love you a Latte 
  3. Spring Clean Up – Dumpster Event 
  4. Pie Day Event 
  5. Movie in the Park or Theater/ Movie Night PIzza & Movie Rental 
  6. Booth at Local Fair/Festival 
  7. Summer BBQ
  8. Host National Night Out 
  9. School Supply Donation
  10. Pumpkin Patch Event 
  11. Thanksgiving Pie Day 
  12. Holiday Party 

How to host an amazing event

And if you need help with, how to plan or execute one of the events, don’t worry we are here to help with our Profile Plus ++Program! 

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