File Cleanup

Frustrated with your paperwork and don't know where to start? We can help! When you have a file closing, send all of your documents to us; we will sort through the details and turn in the file so you can get paid on time.

We will take care of the following items:
Upload all documents to the brokerage site and let agent know what is still needed for you to get paid by the brokerage (please note that we do not collect signatures)
Delete all unnecessary documents and documents that have not been completed
Submit file for review or notify brokerage the file is complete

We can also assess more in-depth file clean up on a case by case basis. Call or email us for more details!

Please note that this is a menu of our most frequently-requested services. Upon sign up, agent and processors will discuss applicable services. Processors will also work with agent on an individual basis to help set up a structured system, which includes customized task lists for the processor. Please call or email us for more details.